Sugar Cane Planting – (So. La. – thru my lens)

Planting sugar cane was delayed this year due to the recent rains and flooding.  That meant I was able to get out to photograph the planting activities this year.  I really had no idea how […]


South Louisiana – “thru my lens” – Amite and Blind Rivers (May 18, 2016)

This trip was scheduled for early April, just as spring was breaking and warmer temperatures allowed for boating on the Amite and Blind Rivers without being uncomfortable.  But one of the normal things we must […]


South Texas Birds – Final (May 2016)

When I decided to make this trip to south Texas I knew I wanted to make photographs of the male Painted Bunting.  I wanted to add the fast action of the bird bathing and splashing […]


Birds of South Texas – May 2016

I recently returned from a very productive photography trip in south Texas.  My goal was to photograph as many of the different birds on the Santa Clara Ranch located outside of McCook, Texas.  I was […]


Birds (mostly)….and gators (swamp) – April 2016

Has it really been almost 6 months since my last blog post?!?!?!  I did not realize it has been that long…..until I looked at the date (November 2015) of my last blog post.  WOW! I […]


(the) Rustic….Iconic….Past – (So. La. – “thru my lens”)

The Rustic…. …..old sugar mill located on a country road with a bayou flowing behind it.  There is history here…you can feel it….and if the walls could talk, just imagine what you would hear.  I […]


South Louisiana – “thru my lens” – Sugar Cane – IT’S MUDDY!!!

MUD EVERYWHERE!!! South Louisiana was in a drought with a burn ban in place across the state.  But, after two weekends, those issues are gone.  Over 16 inches of rain!  That amount of rain created […]


South Louisiana – “thru my lens” – Sugar Cane harvesting

“Hey – it’s time to get “the harvest” on!” There is something about getting up early to get into the field.  It doesn’t matter if you are hunting, fishing, camping, or making photographs.  I arrived […]


South Louisiana – “thru my lens” – Sugar Cane

It’s everywhere in south Louisiana!  We are surrounded by it!…we drive thru it!…we grew up around it!…we see it every day…and at the same time – don’t even know it is there!  Sugar Cane! Sugar […]


South La. – “thru my lens” – the Coast

I drive out of Baton Rouge growling at the traffic delays, driving the highways that can’t handle the traffic load in this area, and looking at all the people in a rush to get into […]


South Louisiana – “Thru My Lens”…..Antebellum

When you hear someone say, “on the river road…..”, you think about some of the plantation homes that stand on both sides of de’ Mississippi River.  Those grand, monumental plantation mansions date back to the […]


South Louisiana – “Thru My Lens”…..on de’ Mississippi

Living on the banks of the “Mighty Mississippi” I get to see a lot of traffic on the waters of the “Big Muddy”.  The vast number of barges pushed up and down the river by […]


South Louisiana – “thru my lens”……a photographic project

I have traveled a lot over the past 6 years and have made photographs in some fantastic places.  Alaska is by far my favorite state to visit and photograph…the beauty of the landscape, the bears, […]


Eagles of Kachemak Bay Alaska – March 2015

It has been almost two years since the last time I was in Alaska.  I fell in love with this state…the beauty, the wildlife, and the wilderness are all breath-taking and mesmerizing.  My base camp […]


“Cities of the Dead” – NOLA Cemeteries

You will find the “cities of the dead” are a part of the landscape in New Orleans.  Walkways are narrow in some cemeteries while other modern cemeteries are expansive, allowing the use  of a car […]